365 Reasons to be proud to be Irish – eBook

by Richard Happer, Portico

About the book:

  • The follow up to 2011’s 365 Reasons To Be Proud to be British (9781907554391) and 2013’s 365 Reasons To Be Proud to be Scottish (9781907554872)
  • 365 fun, fascinating and factual reasons reminding you why you should feel proud to be Irish
  • Each day is a unique event in Ireland’s rich history, including heritage, traditions, landmarks, culture, literature, music and, of course, the people and characters




365 Reasons To Be Proud To Be Irish is a year-long scenic route of jolliness taking in the quirky events, inventions, traditions, people, places and characters that make Ireland a country worth celebrating every day of the year.

Within this humorously illustrated and entertaining book you’ll find a historical year’s worth of the discoveries, delights and derring-do that make Ireland a place to love and cherish, a place of wonder and a country that attracts 6 million people through its doors each year. From the beautiful streets of Dublin’s city centre to the craggy scrapes of Galway; from the magical myths of Dearg Due (the Irish vampire!) to the legendary pint-pullers at Guinness; from scientists Francis Beaufort to ejection-seat inventor James Martin (plus many more!), Ireland is outstanding in every way, every single day of the year.



eBook ISBN: 9781911042358
Print ISBN: 9781909396401
Print price: £7.99

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