A Cottage in the Country

by Jane Eastoe, National Trust Books


About this book: 

  • Stunning photography and illuminating descriptions bring these small but perfectly formed properties to life.
  • A fascinating introduction to the cottages of the National Trust, their history, architecture, interiors and the people who have lived there.
  • A celebration of the countryside idyll, these cottages and their stories epitomise the ‘escape to the county’ fantasy.



A collection of the most fascinating and picturesque cottages from the National Trust.

We all dream of escaping to a hideaway in the country – a green and pleasant idyll of country lanes with hawthorn hedges, a garden filled with hollyhocks and rosebushes, a cosy, flagstoned interior with a fire burning in the hearth… A Cottage in the Country presents a glorious collection of the most fascinating and picturesque small dwellings from the National Trust. From rustic workers’ cottages to the inspirational homes of Thomas Hardy and Virginia Woolf, from the prettiest thatches to solid stone follies, this inspiring book celebrates the very best of cottage life.

Unlock your escapist fantasies with A Cottage in the Country, a visual delight showcasing 38 gorgeous cottages inside and out, along with the fascinating stories of their history and the lives of the people who have called them home.

eBook ISBN: 9781911358350
Print ISBN: 9781909881945
Print price: £14.99

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