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Whisky Classified

Choosing Single Malts by Flavour

David Wishart



ISBN: 9781911595731

Price: £14.99

Publication date: 6 September 2018

Category: Cookery

This book on single malt whisky makes an excellent guide for all whisky drinkers, from the novice to the connoisseur. Single malt whisky is the fastest expanding sector of the booming whisky market. Over half of Scotland’s whisky distilleries are open to visitors and visitor numbers reached record numbers of over 1.7 million in 2016.

Whisky Classified has revolutionized our appreciation of single malt whisky. David Wishart cuts through the confusing jargon often used to describe single malts and replaces it with an objective and easily applied guide to taste using his easy to understand system of flavour profiles. He identifies twelve dimensions to the aroma and taste of a single malt whisky: body, sweetness, smoky, medicinal, tobacco, honey, spicy, winey, nutty, malty, fruity, floral. 

In this fully revised and updated edition, David Wishart has included all new UK and Irish producers of single malt whisky. The author has also updated the taste profiles for each selected malt to ensure that this book remains the definitive guide to tasting malt whisky. Each entry includes a short description of the distillery, information for visitors, the author’s own tasting notes and his flavour profiles according to this innovative classification. The history of whisky-making and production methods are clearly explained, and the author also explains how to organize a whisky tasting. 


David Wishart became interested in malt whisky when, as a mathematics undergraduate at St Andrews, he was first introduced to cask-strength Laphroaig by his father. Following his father into the Scottish Office, David qualified as a Chartered Statistician and served as Director of Statistics. He gained a PhD in classification methodology at the University of St Andrews, where he was an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Management from 1996 until 2015. David’s research field is Marketing. He chose the Scotch Whisky Industry for specific study because it is a vital Scottish industry having the largest exports by value (excluding oil), is supported by a large and diverse workforce, and an icon of Scotland throughout the world. He is invited to give whisky talks and tastings to postgraduates and at international conferences.