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A Celebration

Robert Penn

National Trust


ISBN: 9781911358114

Price: £20.00

Publication date: 7 September 2017

Category: Lifestyle & Gardening

A tribute to the natural history of some of our most iconic British woods.

The National Trust manages hundreds of woods, covering over 60,000 acres of England and Wales. They include many of the oldest woodlands in the land and some of the oldest living things of any kind – trees that are thousands of years old.

From Dean to Epping, from Hatfield to Sherwood, this book covers the natural history of our forests and how they have changed the face of our landscape. Covering the different species of trees that give our woods their unique characters, the plants and animals that inhabit them and the way their appearance changes throughout the seasons, Woods is a fascinating and beautifully illustrated celebration of Britain’s trees and the ancient stories that surround them.



Rob Penn is an author, journalist, TV presenter and cyclist. He presented ‘Tales from the Wild Wood’ – a six-part series about British woods with BBC4. He is also the author of the The Man Who Makes Things With Trees (Penguin, 2015) and the bestselling It’s All About the Bike (Penguin, 2011).