Experimental Corsets – eBook

by Val Holmes, Batsford

About the book:

  • A detailed examination of a hugely popular conceptual motif for textile artists
  • Explores unusual materials such as metal and paper as well as new techniques such as repurposing found objects and up-cycling
  • With step-by-step instructions and showcase of work from contemporary textile artists





An exploration of the corset as a motif for textile artists, with practical tips and examples.

Used for the last 400 years to contort the female body into a variety of fashionable silhouettes, the corset has become a fascinating and hugely popular motif for modern textile artists who wish to represent the female body using the largely feminine traditions of textile and stitch.

Beginning with a step-by-step guide to constructing a simple fabric corset, the book goes on to explore more contemporary and experimental approaches to construction, from using unusual materials such as lace, metal, paper and found fibres to up-cycling or repurposing existing garments to make a statement.

This practical guide is full of exercises for creating intimate garments and wearable art in two – and three – dimensions and is packed with inspiring work and installations by other contemporary artists.



eBook ISBN: 9781849943895
Print ISBN: 9781849943444
Print price: £22.50

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