We are delighted to announce that Pitkin is now part of Pavilion Books. This new partnership will mean that we can publish books across a wider range of areas, including books for children.

Pitkin has been at the forefront of heritage publishing for over seventy years. The founder, Mr Pitkin, was a post-war entrepreneur devoted to publishing highly illustrated souvenir guidebooks that commemorated special people and events in British history. One of the earliest souvenirs was for Princess Elizabeth’s wedding day in 1947, and subsequent publications documented other memorable royal occasions. As Pitkin grew, subjects widened to include cathedrals, stately homes, museums, and intriguing sites like 10 Downing Street.

The team at Pitkin have stayed true to Mr Pitkin’s legacy, publishing souvenir guides that include lavish illustrations and an informative and accessible text.

Pitkin Exclusives

As a museum, church, cathedral, stately home or other visitor site, you may be in need of a guidebook or other bespoke publication. If so, Pitkin Exclusives are here to offer you guidance. We produce a variety of publications in a selection of formats and extents to suit your needs, offering a full editorial, photographic, design and printing service.

We can also provide alternative products like postcards, calendars or luxury posters. Pitkin is a long-standing and respected brand that offers high-quality, fully illustrated books to suit any customer, so please get in touch for a quote.

For enquiries, please contact Susan Swalwell.
Tel: 020 7462 1500 or 07971 155126
Email: [email protected]

You can view the Autumn 2017 Pitkin catalogue here.

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