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Style Me Vintage: 1940s – eBook

A practical and inspirational guide to the hair, make-up and fashions of the 40s by Liz Tregenza, Pavilion About the book: – How to re-create an authentic 40s look, whether you’re a fan of wartime inventiveness or latter-era glamour – Packed with inspirational photographs and tips on how to create an authentic look, covering hairstyles, […]

My Cool Houseboat

An Inspirational Guide to Stylish Houseboats by Jane Field-Lewis, Pavilion About this book: Covers picnics, barbecues and other outdoor food Recipes range from elegant tea party food to hearty campfire snacks Interesting historical insights and new twists on the classics About 15,000 people live permanently afloat on canals, rivers and coasts in Great Britain alone, […]

my cool houseboat

my cool houseboat

by Jane Field-Lewis, Pavilion