William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trucks

by William Bee, Pavilion Children’s

trucksAbout this book: 

  • The first in a brilliant new series all about amazing vehicles and inventions
  • Beautiful graphic illustrations that highlight the different types of truck
  • Funny and charming, William Bee gives you a guided tour of his trucks, aided (or not) by his trusty gang of traffic cones and his loyal dog!





William Bee loves his trucks. He has lots, and if you’re lucky he’ll show you some of them and tell you all about them. There’s his tanker truck, which carries all the fuel he needs for his vehicles – in fact it holds enough fuel for 650 cars! Then there’s his coal-fired steam truck, his amphibious truck, which can swim, his truck with its very own crane and his snow-blowing truck, plus the truck that carries all of his racing cars, and not forgetting his jet-powered truck that can reach 370mph! And that’s just the beginning of his collection.

Join William, his dog and his gang of unruly traffic cones on a grand tour of the world of trucks. Perfect for every child who is fascinated by vehicles large and small – but mainly large!

Peep Peep!

eBook ISBN: 9781843653578
Print ISBN: 9781843653257
Print price: £12.99

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