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Meet The Papered Parlour, authors of Paper Only

The Papered Parlour was founded by Claire Heafford and Louise Hall in 2009. Since then they have welcomed thousands of participants to their creative workshops and public craft events, winning a loyal following of ardent fans. We met up with Claire who told us more about her work and sources of inspiration.

What makes you passionate about papercraft?
For artists, writers, designers and makers the journey of creativity always begins with a blank sheet of paper. Paper plays an integral role in most creative processes – and is the perfect material for anyone interested in kick-starting their creativity.

Can you describe a typical crafty day in your life?
At the moment I’m most interested in applying my creative skills to the craft of song-writing. A typical day involves collaborating with my husband who is a musician on a recording project that we have in the pipeline. He’s an incredible lyric writer and I love taking care of the structure of our songs. We spend hours working together in our music studio – usually starting late and working till the small hours.

Whose work do you admire and why?
I’m inspired by all sorts of artists, definitely too many to name; but I guess what inspires me most and really gets me creatively juiced is live performance. I’m not interested in differentiating between art forms so the artists I love come from all sorts of different backgrounds. Top of the list for me is comedian Stewart Lee, theatre company Punchdrunk and musician Nick Cave. What links all these artists is their shared post-structural approach and a clear mastery of their chosen discipline. Each of these artists strive to push the boundaries of their art form and themselves, and for me there is no greater achievement than becoming a master craftsman.

Organised mess or creative minimalism, what does your working space look like?
Definitely orgainised mess! It’s even one of the ground rules in the book ‘creativity is messy – no point pretending otherwise’

If you were only allowed one craft related object to a desert island, what would you take and why?
Without question a top of the range power tool kit. My degree was in Fine Art Sculpture and I’m a DIY builder at heart. With just a few hand tools, a top of the range 18-volt drill and all those trees – I could build my own house and live happily ever after. Sign me up!

Paper Only (Pavilion, £16.99) by the Papered Parlour is available now