Crochet your own dog for Chinese Year of the Dog

The Chinese Year of the Dog is here! With Edward’s Menagerie: Dogs, the new book by Kerry Lord, dog lovers can crochet their own pooch to celebrate the Year of the Dog. An important animal in Chinese mythology and traditions, many of today’s popular dog breeds originated in China, including the chow chow, pug and Pekingese. Meet Wenni, Spencer and Simay, three of the canine stars from Kerry’s book. Who will you crochet first?

Wenni the Chow Chow

Wenni is a creative crafter still discovering hobbies and talents with every new tool and material she picks up. Whether drawing, egg-painting, scrapbooking or mosaic-making, she can turn her hand to anything and make it look pretty. One of her most beautiful creations to date is an Instagram feed where she finds beauty in even the most ordinary of lunches.

Spencer the Pug

Spencer is a seriously dedicated nurse with a passion for making people smile and a love of night shifts. It’s quite lucky that he’s always been at his best in the middle of the night, and he provides much-needed expertise and comfort in the darkest hours of the day. Here’s hoping he’ll be at your bedside should you ever need him.

Simay the Pekingese

This seriously flamboyant beautician knows everything about everything to do with looking good. Simay’s business is in making you feel like a million dollars, and she’ll groom and preen with every trick of the trade until even the most reluctant client feels relaxed and happy and ready to stride out of her salon with a swish of a tail.

Edward’s Menagerie Dogs by Kerry Lord contains patters for 50 popular dog breeds. There are also tips on how to tweak the patterns to capture other breeds, mongrels and individual features.




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