Q&A with Flowerbomb! author Hannah Read-Baldrey

Author, maker and presenter Hannah Read-Baldrey has been crafting since she can remember. In her new book Flowerbomb! she shares her passion for all things floral in 25 craft projects with the idea to ‘create a decorative explosion of beautiful flowers across your home and life to bring floral joy to your world’. We asked her about her passion for craft and flowers, and the inspiration behind her new book.

How did you get into craft?

I have been crafting and making since I can remember. My mum was a primary school teacher, so it was actively encouraged at every opportunity. I even remember going into the supermarket with her and requesting cardboard boxes so we could make something or another at home together.

Where did your inspiration for Flowerbomb! come from?

I am passionate about flowers, I think they simply bring us so much joy! A real wonder of nature, each season brings something new. Back to my mum, she studied botany and so she has constantly tried to teach me the Latin names of all the flowers in her beautiful London and Dorset gardens. I’ll admit that I can’t remember them all, but I always appreciate them!

What is your favourite flower?

Easy, a (giant) Julia Rose Peony, she’s simply the most beautiful of all the flowers. If she was a woman she would be the ultimate show off and defiantly a flirt!

Have you got a favourite project in the book and why?

Ooh so many. I love the Bomber Jacket, it feels really couture and I always appreciate crafts that look super luxury and high end. I also love the Giant Hula Hoop flower wreath. It took me a while to complete, it’s simply stunning, that’s why it has pride of place on my living room wall. (Even though I made it myself) I think the concept that you can change up the flowers throughout the year to reflect the seasons is a really clever one!

What’s your best tip for adding a handmade floral touch to a party?

I do think paper craft works well for parties. Creating large flowers as centrepieces or tiny ones as napkin holders. I totally adore the Happy Flower Garland in the book that is attached to the giant balloon! Love a giant balloon! (Think they have featured in all but one of my books so far.) I also think sugar flowers can add something extra to what could be a plain cake, and they taste good too!

What does your typical working day look like?

It varies so much. I’m an author & blogger, crafter, stylist, presenter and most importantly a mum. If I’m writing, I’m at my desk tapping away, if I’m creating craft projects, I’m at my kitchen table experimenting with ideas. If I’m styling for brands, I’m attending meetings, sourcing clothes or props and then in a studio or location. And if I’m presenting I could be shooting at home, or in the studio! Two days a week I look after my son, who is soon to be four and I’ve got another on the way in a matter of months. I’m a mumtrepreneur in the true sense of the word!! Juggle juggle juggle!

Flowerbomb! by Hannah Read-Baldrey is out now with 25 beautiful projects to blow your blossoms.

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