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Create your own Board Game for Bookshop Day

Celebrate Bookshop Day 2019 by creating your own board game!

Bag Your Books (or whatever you choose to call it) is an interactive board game developed by Viviane Schwarz and Kevan Davis, authors of Board Games to Create and Play (Pavilion). Gather a friend or three and adapt the game to turn the board into your favourite bookshop. Once you’ve finished developing your game, you can let yourselves loose among the bookshelves. The first person to pick up and get their books pass the till wins.

Download the game below and show us what games you invent by sharing a picture online using the hashtags #Snaddering and #BookshopDay.


Board Games to Create and Play

With over 55 boards to customize, Board Games to Create and Play is a doodle book where every page is an unfinished tabletop game. Just decide on a theme for the game, pick a rule set from the book, agree on some variations, doodle onto one of many board game designs and gather your die and counters! Professional game developers Kevan Davis and Viviane Schwarz teach the basics of game theory and provide 20 board game designs, each repeated three times to allow for multiple games, and 25 rules to combine to create your own unique games.

Find out more about the book.


  • Bag Your Books board game

    Download your A4 board game and rules here.

  • Bag Your Books A3 board

    Download a larger version of the Bag Your Books board here. (Board only, you will need to download the A4 sized game kit as well.)