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Happy publication day to Darwin’s Voyage of Discovery!

A wonderful celebration of history’s most remarkable journey, Jake Williams‘ new book Darwin’s Voyage of Discovery is published today to celebrate 160 years of Charles Darwin’s ground-breaking text on evolution: On The Origin of Species.


Step on-board The Beagle and follow the remarkable journey that inspired almost all modern-day knowledge of the natural world. From England to Cape Verde, Brazil to the Galapagos, Tahiti to Australia; discover the wildlife of Charles Darwin – giant sloths, platypus, tarantulas, fireflies and more. As well as gorgeous artwork and fascinating information on the journey, this book also features the equipment used by Darwin and cross-sections of the ship itself. This stunning book comes from the winner of the BDC’s New Designer of the Year 2017 award, and the author/illustrator behind Really Remarkable Reptiles.

Jake Williams lives in Plymouth and creates shape-based vector illustration with bold and vibrant colours.