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A mindful workout for 2020

Make 2020 a year of mindful exercise with The Flexible Body and the Complete Ayurvedic Workbook – currently on offer on Amazon Kindle until the end of January 2020:

The Flexible Body by Roger Frampton

Just 10 minutes of training per day can help you work towards unlocking your body’s full potential. Beginning with a basic squat (which we as children do naturally but then as adults struggle to perform), ‘The Flexible Body : Move better anywhere, anytime in 10 minutes a day’ guides you through a series of positions, stretches, rolls and balances that re-train your body to move like it once could.

Complete Ayurvedic Workbook by Anna Selby, with Ian Hayward

This practical book will not only empower you to take control of your health and well-being, it will guide you towards a greater understanding of yourself as an individual and inspire you to get the most out of life every day.