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New Year, New You Cookbook Promo

For lots of healthy recipe suggestions, pick up one of these great cookbooks, currently on offer on Amazon Kindle until the end of January 2020:

Fresh Vegan Kitchen by David & Charlotte Bailey

David and Charlotte Bailey have taken the street market scene by storm with their vibrant, healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine. In Fresh Vegan Kitchen you’ll find over 100 mouth-watering recipes bursting with fresh ingredients and flavour.


Super Pulses by Jenny Chandler

With ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as energy balls and protein-rich smoothies made from all-natural ingredients, this handy guide covers all you need to know to buy, prepare, store and cook them.

Super Root Spices by Zoë Lind van’t Hof and Tom Smale

Wunder Workshop founders, Zoë and Tom, present their exploration of healing root spices including turmeric, ginger, galangal, ashwagandha and maca.

Organised by type of dish, Zoë and Tom reveal the alchemy of roots, their health benefits and where they come from before moving onto recipes that enhance your mood, encourage a healthy gut and, most of all, taste good!

What to Eat and How to Eat it by Renée Elliott

Planet Organic Founder and entrepreneur Renée Elliott’s message in this book is clear – if you’re eating grains, it is better to eat them whole and best to eat them soaked. If you’re not eating many nuts and seeds, it’s good to eat more of them, better to eat them raw and best to eat them soaked. And it always makes sense to choose organic when you can. Nutritionally supercharged and flavour-packed grains, nuts and seeds offer an enormous variety of options for the modern cook. Full of delicious recipe ideas, Renée proves that eating well isn’t about superfoods; it is about making the most of everyday foods. Learn how to sprout, soak and cultivate ingredients to create meals made from all-natural produce for an improved diet.