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Colouring for a rainy day

rainy day colouring

It’s a rainy autumn day in London today. One of those days that seem to be made for WFH. But, if you miss the rainy streets of London – jumping out of the way of puddles and struggling with a broken umbrella. Or indeed, if you’re caught up in the weather and in need of a nice break. Try this rainy day London colouring sheet freebie, from Gulliver’s New Travels by James Gulliver Hancock.

rainy day colouring london

Gulliver’s New Travels is a modern take on the classic Gulliver’s Travels in the form of a colouring book. Illustrator James Gulliver Hancock brings together his obsessions with re-imagining the world and travelling with his attention to scale and detail. The result is a creative colouring book inspired by Swift’s 18th-century classic, featuring different worlds and playing with scale as in the lands of teeny Lilliput and giant Brobdingnag. There is a whole imaginary world to colour in. Taking in places from around the world, from all landscapes, and even future worlds and those in galaxies far away, the illustrations are playful and fanciful but always wonderful to look at.

So grab your pencils, put the kettle on and enjoy some rainy day colouring.

gulliver's new travels

Find more fantastical illustrations to colour in Gulliver’s New Travels by James Gulliver Hancock, out now.



  • London colouring sheet

    Print and colour this rainy London scene from Gulliver’s New Travels.