Free official Star Wars knitting pattern: Lightsaber socks

No artefact is more associated with Star Wars than the lightsaber. Now you can channel the Force by knitting your own lightsaber socks with this free official Star Wars knitting pattern download. Choose your colour for the blade to join in with the Jedis, the Siths, or something in between.

Used in close combat, the lightsaber is an energy weapon that can block blaster shots and cut through almost anything. While all lightsabers have the same general design – kyber crystal core, pommel cap, hand grip, control panel, main hilt, focusing lens and blade emitter – certain features, especially the colour of the blade, make them unique to their bearer. Originally clear, the crystal changes colour when someone attuned to the Force awakens it.

Beginning with the lightsaber hilt, these over-the-knee tube socks are worked from the top down in the round. Ribbing in the cuff ensures they’ll stay in place, while minimal leg shaping and lack of heel shaping allows for a multitude of sizes.

Start knitting them now and have your socks ready to celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th) in style!

star wars knitting the galaxy

You’ll find this and more patterns inspired by the Skywalker Saga in Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy by Tanis Gray, the first official Star Wars knitting pattern book. It’s a deluxe guide to creating over 25 Star Wars knits based on the iconic global franchise. From droid cushions and a cute pocket Yoda, to costume replicas and inspired apparel – it’s a must-have knitting book for any discerning Star Wars fan.

Photographs by Tyler Chartier.

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