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Free Chicken Come Home! Easter activity pack

Even with some restrictions lifting this week, we’re still far from back to normal. And with the Easter holidays fast approaching, we thought we would create some Easter fun for your little ones in the form of an activity pack accompanying our newly released picture book Chicken Come Home! by Polly Faber and Briony May Smith, perfect for some at-home Easter fun!

About the book

Dolly likes to lay her egg in a different place each day, to give her owner a challenge. But on this particular day, she’s chosen a place to roost that takes her far from home and puts her in lots of danger.

Dolly has found a warm and cosy basket in which to lay her egg. But as she settles down to roost, there’s a roar and a lurch and the basket takes off. The basket just happens to be attached to a hot air balloon!

Will Dolly manage to get home in time to meet her owner from school?

Download the Chicken Come Home! activity pack below


  • Download Chicken Come Home Activity Pack

    Get your Chicken Come Home Easter activity pack here.