Pam Spurr

Dr. Pam Spurr is a psychologist, life coach, broadcaster and columnist. Having worked in the media for 12 years on hundreds of projects she’s presently AOL UK’s relationships expert on the ‘Ask Dr. Pam’ site, The News of the World’s sex columnist and psychologist, and Cosmo Bride’s resident ‘Love Doctor’. After five years as London’s Heart Radio’s agony aunt, where she won a Sony radio award, Dr. Pam was asked to join LBC as a presenter/interviewer broadening her remit from giving advice to interviewing a fascinating variety of guests.

Recently Dr. Pam has been a resident expert on Living TV’s series ‘What Men Want’ and ‘The Real Dating Show’, as well as appearing on numerous editions of ‘Trisha’ and regional TV programmes in the UK. A frequent contributor to glossies like Cosmopolitan, Real, She, B and 19 magazines, Dr. Pam also maintains a PR consultancy with many large clients including Blockbuster Video, Vauxhall cars, Daz, Hovis, Egg, and Kimberley-Clark.

‘You and Him’ is available through Thorsons. Her most recent book is ‘The Dating Survival Guide’ (Robson Books).

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