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50 Things to Do with a Penknife

The whittler's guide to life

Matt Collins



ISBN: 9781911216865

Price: £9.99

Publication date: 3 August 2017

ISBN: 9781911595489

Price: £6.99

Publication date: 15 February 2018

Category: Crafts

A beautifully presented, practical gift guide to the age-old art of whittling.

There are 50 projects featured in the book, ranging from quick makes to more elaborate projects, and even a chapter on creating things from cork. The 8 main themes are:

Quick Things – including a doorstop, a bookmark and a gift-box book;

Into The Woods – including a willow whistle, walking stick, fish hook and slingshot;

Around The House – including chopsticks, coat and crochet hooks;

Cork Creations – including a succulent pot, stamp, and earphones spool;

Ornamental Carving – including a boat, a deer and a spinning top;

Kitchen Carving – including a carrot flute, apple candle and onion flower;

The Natural World – including a bird feeder and instructions to prepare a fish for cooking, a graft an apple tree.

The projects cater for a range of skill levels and the instructions are complemented by smart step-by-step illustrations, which highlight the tactile quality of the material in hand. The book also includes an introduction with advice on selecting a penknife, maintaining your blade, choosing your caving material, and carving techniques.

Featuring the ultimate crossover of cool craftsmanship and savvy survival-skill projects, this book is the perfect gift for creative adventurers.


Matt Collins came to writing from a horticultural background. He trained at the Botanic Gardens of Wales before taking up a consultancy position with the Garden Museum in London, and serving as Head Gardener for a private residence in Richmond. Passionate about wildflowers, his current interests lie at the intersection of city and natural landscapes, and the ways in which naturalized flora responds to man-made environments. Matt documents his written and horticultural work at