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Art Deco

Andrew Casey



Price: £6.00

Publication date: 5 February 2003

Category: Heritage

The sumptuous, decorative world of Art Deco exploded onto an unsuspecting world in the 1920s. This colourful and accessible guide traces the origins of this unique movement which, despite its lack of leader or manifesto, was incredibly influential both across Europe and North America.

The enormous impact and legacy of modern design is detailed in the guide. Here we look at it in architecture and interior design, furniture, posters and illustration, ceramics, glass, metalwork, jewellery, art and sculpture. Each section is accompanied by colour photographs of the artworks, designs and architectures of the Art Deco movement.

Also included is a list of places to visit with the best collections of Art Deco, both museums and individual buildings, as well as key personalities within the period.

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Andrew Casey is a professional artist and teacher whose lectures have taken him to the Royal Society of Arts, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Fashion and Textiles Museum.

His award-winning books specialise in twentieth century decorative arts, with his Pitkin titles including Art Deco.