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Atlas of Amazing Migrations

Illustrated by Matt Sewell

Megan Lee

Pavilion Children's


ISBN: 9781843654995

Price: £ 16.99

Publication date: 11 November 2021

Category: Non-Fiction

Matt Sewell is back with a sumptuous celebration of our planet’s most extreme journeys. This is his own personal selection of the most amazing mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects and even plants that battle through the Earth’s toughest conditions in order to survive.

Follow flocks of arctic terns on their annual 40,000-kilometre journey between the Earth’s poles. Join the monarch butterflies on their famous pilgrimage from Canada to Mexico. Awe at wildebeest, humpback whales, salmon, dragonflies and more. Find out how they navigate themselves on their impressive journeys – chemicals, the sun and/or the Earth’s magnetic field.

Gloriously illustrated in Matt’s signature watercolours, and described with his usual wit and charm, this is one book for any animal lover to treasure.

ABOUT THE Illustrator

Artist and illustrator Matt Sewell has been described as the Banksy of the bird world. Matt has illustrated for the Guardian and Barbour, painted underpasses for the RSPB, and exhibited in London, Manchester, New York, Tokyo and Paris. He is an avid ornithologist and regular contributor to the Caught by The River website (he also designed their logo). His bird books, Our Garden Birds, Our Woodland Birds, A Charm of Goldfinches and many more, have taken the world by storm. He has also illustrated numerous children’s books including The Big Bird Spot, Dinosaurs and Forgotten Beasts.

He lives in Shrewsbury, UK with his partner and two children.



Megan Lee was born in Shropshire, UK, and grew up inspired to write by her father’s poetry. After studying English Literature at the University of Exeter, she moved to Yorkshire where she now lives. Megan is fascinated with the natural landscape and loves to hike, swim, and ramble across the moors near her home. Atlas of Amazing Migrations is her first book.



‘A celebration of the most extreme journeys undertaken by our planet’s inhabitants’

The Bookseller