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Challenge Everything

An Extinction Rebellion Youth guide to saving the planet

Blue Sandford

Pavilion Children’s


    Category: Non-Fiction

    The main concern of young people is climate change and how to combat it. This is the only official handbook from Extinction Rebellion Youth and will help you to change your life and change the world for the better.

    Written by activist and founder member of Extinction Rebellion Youth London, this is no greenwashing book – it’s an important call to action. A manifesto for how young people can help to save the planet by questioning everything about modern life and acting upon their conclusions.

    This book will ask you to challenge everything – challenge government (protest and take peaceful action where necessary), challenge business (decide who you want to support, decide who you want to boycott), and above all to challenge yourself – how can you change your life to make a difference.

    Filled with stories, essays, slogans and inspiring illustrations, this book will cover consuming, actioning, boycotting, campaigning, striking, questioning, rewilding and reconnecting with our planet.

    ABOUT THE Author

    Blue Sandford was born in 2002. She lives in London with her family and six cats. A Hebridean childhood without cars, electricity or hot water has inspired an ambition to reconnect with nature and campaign for a better world. She is a founder member of Extinction Rebellion Youth London, where she has played a crucial part in organising and participating in actions.



    'Ideal for inspiring eco-aware teens to ask questions and take action responsibly ... Blue Sandford's startling book shows us a different way.'