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Chicken Come Home!

Polly Faber

Illustrated by Briony May Smith

Pavilion Children's


ISBN: 9781843654872

Price: £6.99

Publication date: 4 March 2021

ISBN: 9781843655091

ASIN: 9781843655091

Price: £4.99

  Our price: £

Publication date: 4 March 2021

Category: Picture Books

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From the team that brought you Grab that Rabbit comes a brand new story about a very plucky chicken.

Dolly likes to lay her egg in a different place each day, to give her owner a challenge. But on this particular day she’s chosen a place to roost that takes her far from home and puts her in lots of danger.

Dolly has found a warm and cosy basket in which to lay her egg. But as she settles down to roost, there’s a roar and a lurch and the basket takes off. The basket just happens to be attached to a hot air balloon!

Will Dolly manage to get home in time to meet her owner from school?

This lyrical story, by Polly Faber, is perfect for reading aloud and packed with page-turning suspense. Illustrated by Briony May Smith, each page is full of detailed visual delights.

A beautiful tale about kindness , packed with adventure and peril. 


As well as being the author of renowned children’s series Mango and Bambang, Polly Faber is a children’s book blogger and volunteer reading helper through the charity Beanstalk. With her family, she looks after her very own tiny free library outside their house in North London.


ABOUT THE Illustrator

Briony May Smith is an illustrator currently living in Devon, and specialising in children’s books and graphic novels. She graduated with a 1st Class BA (Hons) from Falmouth University in 2014.



'A charming tale of bravery and friendship'