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Chippenham Then & Now

Mike Stone



Price: £12.99

Publication date: 1 November 2011

Category: Regional History

Just how much has changed in Chippenham over the decades is clear when you consider that Edward Hutton described 1920s Chippenham as ‘one of the sleepiest places in England’. Today, the busy cattle traders in the Market Place of the 1890s and Chippenham’s tiny 1930s cottage hospital on London Road have now disappeared, but the town’s thriving population is at its highest-ever level, its beautiful historic buildings are more in demand than ever, and new industries, buildings and roads are appearing all the time.

In this fascinating book, local historian Mike Stone compares archive images of Chippenham with modern photographs of the same scenes today, chronicling the changing appearance of the town and unveiling a wealth of historic detail and nostalgic memories sure to captivate local residents and history enthusiasts alike.