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Complete Traditional Recipe Book

new edition

Sarah Edington

National Trust


ISBN: 9781905400966

Price: £25.00

Publication date: 4 October 2010

Series: National Trust Food

Category: Cookery

  • Revised, redesigned and updated with a selection of new recipes, this glorious book is a celebration of the very best of British food
  • Contains over 300 delicious traditional dishes, from warming soups to delectable puddings
  • Packed with mouthwatering colour illustrations
  • Aga instructions for each recipe

This classic British cookbook, newly updated and redesigned for 2010, contains a wealth of tempting traditional recipes. Choose from time-honoured family favourites such as Toad in the Hole or Rice Pudding, or discover local gems from around the country such as Stargazey Pie from Cornwall or Singin’ Hinnies from Northumberland. As well as the conventional cooking method, instructions are given for each recipe to be cooked on an Aga.

The book also explores the history behind some of the key dishes in British cooking, from 14th-century Macaroni Cheese to 19th-century Mulligatawny Soup, and the introductions to each chapter provide a fascinating account of our culinary traditions and influences. Sarah Edington’s research has uncovered long-forgotten but delicious tastes of history from the roots of British cooking.

The book’s recipes are arranged as follows: soups; fish dishes; meat dishes; vegetables and side dishes; hot puddings; cold puddings; breads, teabreads and scones; jams and preserves; drinks and confectionery.


Sarah Edington has written and edited many books on food. She was a professional cook for many years, running her own catering business with the National Trust and the Victoria and Albert Museum among her customers. As well as writing about food she specializes in tours of historic kitchens.