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Contemporary Figures in Watercolour

Speed, Gesture and Story

Leo Crane



ISBN: 9781849946681

Price: £37.99

Publication date: 5 August 2021

Category: Practical Art

Dive into figure painting with this instinctive and expressive approach to watercolour.

Celebrating the fluidity and unpredictability of the medium, painter Leo Crane and art model Roy Joseph Butler seek out those accidental moments that capture the dynamic exchange between artist and subject.

With experience in both fine art and animation, they share tips on bringing life to the figure, and encourage you to discover a liberating and enjoyable approach to paint. The book is structured in two parts. The first section deals with techniques and exercises, including observing the figure, two-minute paintings, sequencing poses, colour and mood, and composition. The second section explores the role of the subject through half a dozen case studies, from the experienced life model to a friend sitting for a portrait. These case studies elaborate on and reinforce the themes of the first section. Both sections are richly illustrated with paintings by Leo to demonstrate the working process and finished product.

A terrific book for artists looking anew at life painting and eager to capture the essence of character in movement.