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Drink Your Own Garden

A homebrew guide using your garden ingredients

Judith Glover



ISBN: 9781849940627

Price: £14.99

Publication date: 1 March 2013

Category: Drink

A delightful revised edition of a classic book from the Batsford backlist, Drink Your Own Garden will appeal to anyone seeking a more self-sufficient lifestyle. This is a wonderfully imaginative guide to making the most of your delicious garden produce, from damson and marigold wines, through to honey mead and rhubarb cordial.

With a guidelines for each step of the way, including equipment and ingredients, a seasonal guide to what to grow when and a list of potential problems and remedies; over 140 recipes for berry and bush wines, flower wines, fruit wines, grain wines, herb wines, leaf and sap wines, vegetable wines, mead and beers, as well as non-alcoholic choices such as refreshing fruit juices, cordials and teas.

Accompanied by vintage-style colour illustrations throughout, this handy and accessible guide will ensure that before long you will be making the most of the seasonal fruits and vegetables from your garden and enjoying a glass of delicious home brew.


Judith Glover wrote Drink Your Own Garden for Batsford in 1979 after a generous neighbour gave her a box of parsnips grown in his garden and she was inspired to begin brewing at home.