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Earth MOB

Reduce waste, be sustainable, save our planet

MOB Kitchen



ISBN: 9781911663270

Price: £9.99

Publication date: 9 July 2020

Category: Cookery

This is the MOB manifesto for change: a straight-talking handbook that deals with the ecological problems of our age and shows you how to tackle them head-on, the MOB way.

Covering the three main MOB principles of:
Zero-waste – how to cook, store, reduce and re-purpose leftovers
Zero-plastic – how to shop and cook plastic-free
Sustainability – how to source ingredients responsibly

And much, much more… 

Earth MOB is full of simple, practical hacks and facts to help you live greener, leaner and meaner. MOB Kitchen are the pioneers of budget-friendly food for everyone and with their core demographic sitting in-between Gen-Z and Millennials it’s time to address the concerns of a generation and equip the MOB with the core principles on how they can cook, eat and live green. Filled with zero-waste recipes, ingenious kitchen tips to reduce food waste and use up scraps, advice on how to shop and store food more efficiently and information on how to reduce your food footprint, this small but mighty book is the bible for any ecologically-minded cook.

This small black and white book with line illustrations is your powerful tool for world change. So ditch the plastic and join the Earth MOB today!


MOB Kitchen is the multimedia platform created by Ben Lebus, author of the bestselling books MOB Kitchen and MOB Veggie. After spending years watching students browse tirelessly through food porn videos desperate for something to eat other than pesto-pasta, Ben decided to launch MOB Kitchen, with delicious recipes that fed 4 people for under £10. MOB Kitchen became an immediate success and, since 2016, it has grown both as a team and as a platform. With an Instagram following of over 250k and two bestselling cookbooks MOB Kitchen is the go-to resource for students and young professionals looking for incredible food on a budget.