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Embroidered Jewellery

Shirley Anne Sherris



ISBN: 9781906388119

Price: £18.99

Publication date: 3 August 2009

Category: Crafts

In this inspirational book, embroiderer and textile artist Shirley Anne Sherris reveals the secrets of her exquisite jewellery pieces, all created using hand and machine embroidery.

Over 30 innovative techniques are explored, from invaluable technical information on how to calculate sizes to surface embellishment with beads and sequins. A wealth of different materials is used, including sheer fabrics, cut lace, felt, leather and found objects such as metal rings and garden mesh.

The author designs in a range of styles, from dainty and delicate confections to dramatic statement pieces. Ten projects are scattered throughout the book, including a pretty bracelet made from covered metal rings and an elegant floral necklace made from layered sheer fabrics.

Throughout the book, the author encourages the reader to develop their own creativity through experimentation and playing with materials and techniques. Illustrated with stunning examples of the author’s work, this is a book for all embroiderers and textile artists who love jewellery. (word count: 25,000)


Shirley Anne Sherris is an embroiderer and textile artist who is well-known for her jewellery pieces. She lives in Middlesbrough.



This is a subject I thought I would not be interested in. It will open your eyes to the possibilities of just what can be achieved. Embroidered jewellery explores a variety of materials in innovative and interesting ways. This book is a little treasure trove of ideas and inspirations. Just looking at the materials section of base fabrics and embellishments will fill you with awe. All types of jewellery form cuffs to collars and earrings are included in this book. Find out how to create unique jewellery using all those modern fabrics such as Angelina fibre and Lazertran. Find innovative uses for things you never thought of making jewellery out of such as kebab skewers. I think some of the projects work better than others - but once you have learned the techniques in this book, it's up to you to create. This book is of the same very high standards that we always see from Batsford/Anova books - great attention to detail, excellent photography and good, clear instructions.