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Experimental Textiles

Kim Thittichai



ISBN: 9781906388478

Price: £ 19.99

Publication date: 3 August 2009

Category: Textile Art

A much-needed book on cutting-edge textile design and practice with experimental design ideas, unusual materials and the latest techniques. The author takes you from finding original ideas through the design process – with exercises – to the latest techniques various artists use to transform the designs into finished textiles.

The book covers: paper, felt, machine embroidery, recycling, hand stitch, working with and combining unusual materials, layering different media, working in three-dimensions and also in large scale. Showcased textiles include quilt art, quirky boxes, cloth dolls and large-scale textile installations – a collection of the best and most exciting textile art today.

With technique information and several projects for readers to try, plus inspirational work by existing and emerging textile artists, this is an essential book for all those working in textiles.


Kim Thittichai is a popular textile artist who specialises in teaching experimental textiles. Her speciality is creating three-dimensional textile forms. She does workshops and lecture nationally and exhibits her work at various textiles shows across the UK. She is the author of the best selling Hot Textiles. She lives in Brighton.



If you struggle with getting ideas out of your head onto paper and into finished art project, I believe this book will help you. It shows you basic processes that are easy to follow, to get ideas onto paper and then to take those ideas onwards to produce a piece of finished work. There are plenty of ideas for developing work. A number of artists are showcased in this book, all exploring textiles in their own way. There is a small section on the rudimentary basics of colour. Part two gives some ideas and inspiration for choosing a subject with which to work. As there are no projects to follow, I found this section a little unfulfilling. However, I still think it is worth getting hold of this book as it might well trigger your own thought processes and show you how to get started. 128pages of colour, with great production form the Batsford team.