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Feed Your Family

Exciting recipes from Chefs in Schools, Tried and Tested by 1000s of kids

Nicole Pisani and Joanna Weinberg



ISBN: 9781911663874

Price: £ 14.99

Publication date: 3 February 2022

Cooking for kids can be tricky. One day they’ll eat a whole cucumber from one end to the other; for the next three weeks, they will swear it’s a slimy snozzcumber. Feeding kids is a maze and there’s no guarantee you’ll ever find your way out. A family meal can be the most rewarding of memories, or the most disappointing. Whether time or cash strapped, it’s all too tempting to turn to fish fingers, bangers and mash and other kids’ classics, whilst wishing it was easier to do it better on all fronts: more exciting, more inspiring, more wholesome. If only there was someone out there who knew how to feed kids really well on a budget, who could inspire them to try different food, and make it easy on the cook and easy on the pocket! Well, there is. And Chefs in Schools would like to help.

Chefs in Schools is a charity that operates in over 80 schools and feeds up to 30,000 pupils a day. They have a plethora of renowned chefs that support and endorse them, either as their patrons or trustees, including Thomasina Miers, Yotam Ottolenghi, Henry Dimbleby, Prue Leith and Amelia Freer. This cookbook stands apart from other ‘cooking for kids’ cookbooks as the recipes are tried and tested on thousands of children. They’re nutritious and proven to work. This cookbook will tell the stories and share the recipes of the people who are helping to transform school food. Their mission is to teach children to love and understand real food cooked from fresh ingredients, and to inspire them not just to eat it, but to choose it, and to learn to cook it for themselves too.

Chapters include: Breakfast, A New Way In, Midweek Suppers, Street Food & Snacks, Feasting, Sides & Sharing, Bread, Desserts.

"Bye bye boring school dinners – this is the future of food for our kids” – Tom Kerridge
"A brilliantly inspiring book packed with seriously good family focussed recipes.  A total must have." – Thomasina Miers



Nicole Pisani is the former Head Chef at Nopi, and the Co-Founder and Executive Chef and Curriculum Director of Chefs in Schools. She left leading one of London’s highest profile kitchens to take up the role as Executive Chef first at Gayhurst Community School, and then at the LEAP Federation in Hackney, to share her passion for food with the next generation. She has published several cookbooks: Magic Soup and Salt, Butter, Bones, The Seaweed Cookbook, Ultimate Soup Cleanse, and The Turmeric Cookbook.
Joanna Weinberg
has been a cookery writer and teacher for over 15 years. She is the author of How to Feed Your Friends with Relish and Cooking for Real Life. She co-founded Kitchen Table Cookery school in Somerset. She is the food columnist for Conde Nast Traveller and writes for The Times and Red magazine. She is a Patron of Chefs in Schools.