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Fibre for Life

Eat your way to better health with nature’s miracle ingredient

Dr Khosro Ezaz-Nikpay



ISBN: 9781911663560

Price: £14.99

Publication date: 8 July 2021

Category: Lifestyle & Gardening

This book is about the most valuable substance in your diet. A substance that dramatically improves your heart health, reduces inflammation and strengthens your immune system. A treasure that is hiding in plain sight – fibre.  

Fibre is often considered boring, even invisible, yet it’s more powerful than most life-saving drugs. The various dieting fads purporting to prolong life or reduce weight, pale in the face of what adding fibre to your diet can achieve. And its real power for improving society’s health lies in its affordability. Adding more fibre to your diet can add years of good health on to your life. Who wouldn’t want that?

Why is fibre hiding in plain sight? Where do I find it? How much is enough? Is it the same as roughage? Doesn’t it give me gas? Fibre for Life provides these answers and many more – inspiring you to shift your food intake to types of foods that are better for you, the environment, and the whole health of the planet.

Chapters include:
Hiding in Plain Sight
– some background to fibre and the sugar-fibre ratio
The Fibre Conspiracy – why is fibre so often ignored when it comes to discussions of healthy diet?
Why Fibre is So Amazing – what is it and where do we get it from?
Understanding Your Gut – how a healthy gut prolongs life
The Fibre Fix – what you need to eat and the anti-diet plan
Let’s Get Cooking – simple recipes and a basic menu plan
Beyond Fibre – By adding some movement and enjoyment, you will be adding even more years of healthy living