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Fish Easy

Mitchell Tonks



ISBN: 9781862059290

Price: £19.99

Publication date: 19 April 2012

Category: Cookery

A collection of 120 fish and shellfish dishes, all made using accessible yet sustainable fish –  from salmon and trout to bream and bass to mussels and crayfish.

The five chapters are based on cooking methods– The Grill, The Frying Pan, The Casserole Pot, The Oven and The Parcel (for fish baked in a foil parcel). Each chapter features tips on how to get the best results from your cooking, whatever your heat source.

There are lots of tips and tricks with the recipes too – including how to simplify the cooking further and how to make a similar dish more cheaply. 

Specially commissioned photographs of the dishes and step-by-steps for lots of the techniques complete this beautiful and accessible book. 

Fish ISBN: 9781862058330


Mitch Tonks is the founder of the restaurant and fishmonger chain FishWorks. The are 12 shops and restaurants, 3 cookery schools, 3 books, a range in the supermarkets and is currently working with Youngs as a consultant. He has also appeared on Saturday Kitchen and the BBC’s BAFTA nominated Get Cooking broadband initiative. He contributes to magazines including Delicious and Fresh and demonstrates at major food shows around the UK.