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Forgotten Beasts

Matt Sewell

Pavilion Children’s


ISBN: 9781843653936

Price: £12.99

Publication date: 4 October 2018

Category: Non-Fiction

Matt Sewell’s follow-up to the mega-hit Dinosaurs is a beautifully-illustrated large format look at the amazing beasts that time forgot – from the relatively well known, such as the sabre-toothed tiger and woolly mammoth, to the obscure monsters that walked the earth millions of years ago – many now forgotten. New findings are being made every year, and research is showing us exactly how these beasts looked and how they lived.

Creatures illustrated and described include:

  • Sabre tooth tigers and woolly mammoths
  • Glyptodon – an armadillo as big as a VW Beetle car
  • Megalodon – a monster 60 foot (18m) shark
  • Water King penguin – a red and grey penguin the size of a man
  • Ornimegalonyx – a huge Cuban flightless owl, the largest owl that ever existed, at over 3 feet (1m) tall
  • Deinotherium – a strange-looking and huge, elephant-like creature with tusks positioned on its lower jaw and curved, facing downwards
  • Short-nosed bear – a massive fearsome bear that kept North America human free
  • Megatherium – the giant sloth, as large as a modern elephant

Less celebrated than the dinosaurs, the range of beasts is equally impressive, every one a scary, amazing creature that actually stalked the planet. Like the dinosaurs, these beasts are awe-inspiring in their variety, with amazing details not seen on animals today and in a wide variety of furs, feathers and colours, making for a stunning collection of illustrations.


Artist and illustrator Matt Sewell has been described as the Banksy of the bird world. Matt has illustrated for the Guardian and Barbour, painted underpasses for the RSPB, and exhibited in London, Manchester, New York, Tokyo and Paris. He is an avid ornithologist and regular contributor to the Caught by The River website (he also designed their logo). His bird books, Our Garden Birds, Our Woodland Birds, A Charm of Goldfinches and many more, have taken the world by storm. He has also illustrated numerous children’s books including The Big Bird Spot, Dinosaurs and Forgotten Beasts.

He lives in Shrewsbury, UK with his partner and two children.



‘Beautifully produced … Clean, uncluttered pages featuring illustrations which make it clear that the beast is the star of the show, simple statistic boxes and witty text full of facts which makes it feel as though the author is just having a lovely chat with you in your home make this book a sure-fire winner with its readers.  Fascinating!’


‘Sumptuous … This fascinating book will broaden he horizons of dinosaur enthusiasts. Every one of Matt’s magnificent paintings is a stunner.’