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Great Rivals

Oxford versus Cambridge

Ross Reyburn



Price: £6.00

Publication date: 22 April 2010

Category: Regional History

Never have two centres of learning produced such a combination of intellectual genius, academic achievement, sporting prowess, red-hot rivalry, scandal, sexual liberation, gluttony and violent uprising as the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

A useful, fascinating, witty, sometimes irreverent guide and miscellany comparing the two universities’ histories, alumni, achievements,
characters, eccentricities and scandals from foundation to today – warts and all. Part historical guide, part tourist guide, part quick reference almanac and miscellany of facts and figures, this is an all-round engaging and lively read. Invaluable for all those who want to know the real and unabridged Oxford and Cambridge. A perfect companion to the Pitkin City Guides.