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Gulliver’s New Travels

colouring in a new world

James Gulliver Hancock



ISBN: 9781849943413

Price: £9.99

Publication date: 14 April 2016

Series: Colouring Books

Category: Activity & Sticker Books

A modern take on the classic Gulliver’s Travels in the form of a colouring book.

In Gulliver’s New Travels, illustrator James Gulliver Hancock brings together his obsessions with re-imaginging the world and travelling with his attention to scale and detail. The result is a creative colouring book inpired by Swift’s 18th-century classic, featuring different worlds and playing with scale as in the lands of teeny Lilliput and giant Brobdingnag.

There is a whole imaginary world to colour in. Taking in places from around the world, from all landscapes, and even future worlds and those in galaxies far away, the illustrations are playful and fanciful but always wonderful to look at.

You are encouraged to engage with the drawings and make them your own whether you are using pencils or pens. As you colour in, you’ll discover great little details you hadn’t spotted before, such as the diver swimming through the flowers and the tiny climber scaling a cactus. A must have for anyone with a passion for colouring in and illustration from a major creative talent.


Raised in Australia, James Gulliver Hancock is now based in both Brooklyn, New York and his beach studio in Sydney. His print work has been used by Coca-Cola, Ford Motors, Herman Miller, the New York Times and Simon and Schuster. He is particularly known for his personal project All The Buildings in New York.



'A wonderful, whimsical voyage captured in Hancock’s distinctive style, with clear, clean outlines and a welter of tiny details to entice the eye'