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I See?Modern Britain

Norman Ferguson



ISBN: 9781906032388

Price: £6.99

Publication date: 10 October 2008

Category: Humour

Any boy or girl subjected to a long traffic journey might have been given one or more of the ‘I-Spy’ books to help relieve the monotony of British roads. Printed from the 1950s all the way through the the late ”90s, they came to signify a particular part of our popular culture, and said something intrinsic about the national psyche. Now out of print and reminiscent of a rapidly receding era of simple pleasures, they are due a revival – but with a uniquely modern twist. Heavily illustrated and brightly colour coded, ‘I-See…Modern Britain’ tackles the quirks and obsessions of British society. Will you be able to spot boy racers, binge-drinkers, ”charity muggers”, anaemic Goths and manbag-carrying metrosexuals? Indeed, Britain is now full of things that to a person years ago would appear very strange: the ubiquitous mobile phone and bluetooth headset, rain-drenched smokers huddled together outside pubs or young women in bizarre furry boots. You may not have noticed but such examples are everywhere – keep your eyes peeled, pencils sharpened and get ready to spot the many marvels of modern British life.



Norman Ferguson is an experienced writer, having contributed sketch material to a number of TV and Radio shows, including The Karen Dunbar Show, The Way It Is and Channel 4’s Smack The Pony.