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Learn Watercolour Landscapes Quickly

Hazel Soan



ISBN: 9781849945936

Price: £ 9.99

Publication date: 9 July 2020

ISBN: 9781849946773

ASIN: B087YY482X

Price: £ 6.99

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Publication date: 1 May 2020

Category: Practical Art

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A guide to landscape painting for complete beginners with simple exercises.

Hazel Soan is a hugely successful painter and an outstanding teacher and author of art books, which have introduced the wonders of art to a generation of amateur artists. In this book she teaches you how to get to grips with watercolour landscapes in the space of an afternoon.

The book explores the basics of watercolour landscapes with lots of simple exercises and step-by-step demonstrations that are perfect for beginners. That life-long ambition of painting somewhere that is important to you can become a possibility with the help of this nifty little book.

Topics covered include creating space, composition and focus, light and shadows, colours of the landscape and the mixing of watercolours. Watercolour painting techniques such as painting en plein air, brushwork, creating texture, wet into wet and wet on dry are explained. The book also explores specific landscape themes such as skies, foliage, forests, gardens, seascapes, wilderness, sunsets, urban landscapes, panoramas, sunsets and many more.


Hazel Soan is a popular and successful artist who divides her time between London and Cape Town, exhibiting her work widely. She has her own gallery in Fulham, London. She is author of several bestselling books and a range of successful DVDs. She was one of the art experts in the popular Channel 4 TV series Watercolour Challenge. The very successful Learn Watercolour Quickly, Essence of Watercolour and Watercolour Rainbow are also by Hazel Soan.



'Refreshingly cuts through the mystique and, frankly, waffle you may find elsewhere. … It’s little short of magic'


'Quite simply one of the best guides to landscape painting you’ll find'