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Life in a Medieval Castle

Brian Williams



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Publication date: 2 April 2011

ISBN: 0752491652


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Publication date: 2 April 2011

Category: History

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Pitkin presents the fascinating and engaging story of everyday life in and around castles – from 1066 to the 1400s.

Alongside the Church, the stone castle was one of the enduring symbols of medieval life. To the poor, its intimidating walls represented the preordained social order. To many, the castle represented business, and the heights of ambition. And to the rich it represented fun and frivolity in the form of
feasting, chivalry and games.

The guide uncovers the complexities of life in and around such settlements: the family, the workers, the food, the wars and the entertainment.

Look out for more Pitkin Guides on the very best of British history, heritage and travel, particularly the other books in the ‘Life in’ series: Medieval England, Tudor England, Stuart England, Georgian England and Victorian Britain.


Brian Williams has wide experience in international publishing as writer, editor and consultant. He is a long-term Pitkin heritage author, with titles including several in the History of Britain series, military and politics.

He has also authored several historical titles with Brenda Williams, such as Saxons & VikingsLife in a Roman Villa and Britain in the Blitz.