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Life in a Victorian School

Bob Mealing



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Publication date: 1 April 2013

ISBN: 9780750956192


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Publication date: 1 April 2013

Category: Heritage

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Education in Britain can be traced back to Roman times, but it was not until Victorian times that provision was made in England and Wales for every child to have an elementary school place, whatever their background.

After new buildings were constructed and changes made in educational administration, British schooling saw a revolution. Literacy rates soared, taking over from the limited success of Sunday Schools previously. This colourful and entertaining guide traces the development of schools in Britain in the 19th century, from the initial religious intervention in education to state intervention later on.

What was a pupil’s day like in a Victorian school? How did teachers discipline children? Was schooling different for girls? Learn all about the school day, public schools and even the buildings children attended in this guide filled with contemporary photographs of students, teachers and their lives.

Look out for more Pitking guides on social history and heritage, and the ‘Life in’ series this title is a part of.


Bob Mealing is a prolific Pitkin author who has written on a variety of travel and history topics.

His guides to UK cities include the Glasgow City Guide, the Edinburgh City Guide and Oxford Top 20 Attractions, while his historical titles range from Life in a Victorian School to The Home Front 1939-1945.