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Life in the 1960s

Mike Brown



Price: £6.00

Publication date: 2 June 2014

ISBN: 9780750960434

ASIN: 0750960434

Price: £6.00

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Publication date: 2 June 2014

Category: Heritage

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The 1960s have gone down in history as the swinging sixties; when the permissive society swept the country in a haze of mini-skirts, psychedelic posters, pop festivals and ‘love-ins’.

But what was it really like for ordinary British people?

In this book, Mike Brown looks at some of the major aspects of living in Britain at the time; how we lived, worked and played, how we shopped, what we ate, wore, drove, watched and listened to.

He looks at the stories and people who made the headlines; the mods and rockers, the ‘beautiful people’, but most of all, how ordinary people really lived and reacted to events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Great Train robbery, and the first moon landing.

The book will bring back memories for those who were there, and, for those who were not yet born, it will give them an idea of what the 60s were really like.


Mike Brown is an experienced Pitkin author with several heritage titles. His books include A Wartime Christmas 1939-1945Life in the 1950s and Life in the 1960s.