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Life in Tudor England

Peter Brimacombe



Price: £6.00

Publication date: 1 January 2002

Category: Heritage

The Tudor age was a pivotal period of English history. In little more than a century, the nation was transformed from a medieval kingdom to a modern state, from an insignificant offshore island to a major world power.

Life in Tudor England sparkles with colourful illustrations and a lively text. Discover what life was really like during more than 100 years of Tudor rule in this pivotal period of English history: how industry became an alternative to agriculture as a means of employment; the lavish fads, fashions and fun enjoyed by the rich; the hardships suffered by the poor as inflation spiralled. All is revealed in this enticing taste of days gone by.

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Peter Brimacombe is an experienced Pitkin author and photographer with numerous titles on history and heritage. His titles and guides range from Capability Brown to Life in Stuart England and The Edwardians.