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Milton Keynes Then & Now

Marion Hill



Price: £12.99

Publication date: 1 November 2012

Category: Regional History

From the dinosaur age 150 million years ago and the Bronze Age when settlers first arrived, a mere 6,000 years past, the area has weathered huge destructive floods, momentous invasions and famous battles. Its citizens have fought fiercely for their common rights and – as good traders will – have served centuries of travellers on stagecoaches, canals, railways and roads. Residents of the Milton Keynes area toiled in massive brick-works and carriage-works and, as the new city arrived, effected some of the biggest building works the twentieth century has seen in the nation. Many of the photographs in this book have never before been published, taking you on an exciting, nostalgic journey from the Milton Keynes of old to the busy town of today.

Witness the people of the past juxtaposed against their twenty-first century descendants.
Each pairing of photographs includes detailed captions that will awaken nostalgic memories.
Featuring streets and buildings, shops and businesses, and people at work, all aspects of town life are covered.

Author Biography

Marion Hill is passionate about Milton Keynes and the rich seams of heritage that its designated area has revealed. A Londoner by birth, she came to the city in 1972, and has lived and worked in the area ever since. Her eighteen books include Bletchley Park People, Memories of Milton Keynes and, most recently, Bradwell Then and Now (all The History Press). Much of Marion’s inspiration for these local history books comes from the massive archive now largely held online at Living Archive (