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Motor Racing’s Strangest Races

Extraordinary But True Stories from Over a Century of Motor Racing

Geoff Tibballs



ISBN: 9781861054111

Price: £6.99

Publication date:

ISBN: 9781907554650

Price: £9.99

Publication date: 7 June 2012

Series: The Strangest Series

Category: Sports

In 1894, when the motley assortment of steam and petrol-powered vehicles lined up at the start of the trial from Paris to Rouen, motor-racing’s colourful history was launched. Many of the pioneering events were death-defying, trans-continental marathons, in which the competitors were obliged to negotiate basic dirt tracks, muddy bogs, fast-flowing rivers, over-zealous policemen and a seemingly ednless supply of stray dogs. Barely contained in this new hardback edition are 80+ bizarre, brilliant and bonkers stories from over a century of motor racing. They include the Frenchman who drove 25 miles in reverse; the Grand Prix where the leading drivers were so far ahead that they stopped for a meal in the pits; the Le Mans 24-hour race won by a car patched up with chewing gum; and the driver who drunk six bottles of champagne on the way to winning the Indianapolis 500.

Word count: 45,000


Sports writer Geoff Tibballs is the author of several bestselling titles in the Strangest… series, on a range of sports including motor-racing and the Olympics. He also wrote Great Sporting Scandals published by Robson.