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National Trust Book of Bread

Delicious recipes for breads, buns, pastries and other baked beauties

Jane Eastoe

National Trust


ISBN: 9781911358886

Price: £9.99

Publication date: 6 February 2020

ISBN: 9781911657163


Price: £6.99

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Publication date: 6 February 2020

Category: Cookery

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The latest in the bestselling National Trust series which has so far comprised Scones, Puddings, Jams, Crumbles and Afternoon Tea, this handy guide contains all the information and inspiration needed to start making bread. With details of techniques, ingredients and the science of bread making all explained, a range of recipes are also featured with some being breads linked to National Trust properties and served up in National Trust cafes around the UK. Recipes include the basics such as wholemeal, granary, rye, corn and sourdough bread, as well as regional specialities, such as barmbrack, bara brith, English muffins, crumpets, pikelets, Sally Lunns, Bath buns, and Danish pastries too.


Jane Eastoe has been a journalist and author for over 25 years. She was chief contributor to the National Trust Book of the Countryside and is author of Home Grown Fruit, Allotments and Britain by Bike, published by National Trust Books. She is also the author of Pavilion’s bestselling Vintage Roses and Peonies.