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Pickering and Thornton-le-Dale Then & Now

Colin Waters



Price: £12.99

Publication date: 1 April 2012

Category: Regional History

The historic market town of Pickering and its closely connected neighbour Thornton-le-Dale have long since lost their rural isolation. Today both have become host to hoards of tourists, drawn to Pickering’s historic castle and fascinating church and Thornton-le-Dale’s tiny shops and the charming river, which flows past the village cross and stocks near the crossroads.

  In Pickering & Thornton-le-Dale Then & Now, researcher Susan McGill and social historian Colin Waters capture the essence of both places, showing them as they were in the past and how they appear today. With its stunning full colour photographs and succinct but fascinating snippets of local history, this absorbing book should be on every history lover’s bookshelf!