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Rosie Sanders’ Flowers

A celebration of botanical art

Rosie Sanders



ISBN: 9781849943970

Price: £30.00

Publication date: 10 November 2016

Category: Art & Illustration

Flowers by Rosie Sanders is a large-format book that showcases over 80 of her finest flower paintings in exquisite detail.

Often compared to the artist Georgia O’Keeffe, Rosie Sanders’s botanical paintings lie at the extreme end of botanical art – they exude dynamism and sensuality in every brushstroke and their richness of colour sets her apart from her contemporaries. In this beautifully illustrated book, Rosie exhibits a selection of flowers, from tulips to orchids, roses to irises, anemones to amaryllis, and illuminates them with fascinating and skillful uses of perspective and light. This large-format book showcases her finest paintings in exquisite detail and they are accompanied by excellent and accessible scientific commentary. Also included is an introduction by renowned Swiss botanist Dr. Andreas Honegger.

This book is perfect for artists want to get a closer look at a master’s brushstrokes, textures and colour in paintings, or readers who are interested in contemporary botanical art.

Chapters include:

1. Diversity in the Garden

2. Dark Flowers: the Magic of Night

3. A Fascination of Orchids

4. Lilies in Spring

5. Varieties of Belladonna

6. In Search of the Black Iris.



Rosie Sanders is an artist and the author of several books. Her work has been displayed in many galleries, including the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art in Kew Gardens and the Park Walk Gallery since 2002. She has also been awarded five Gold medals by the Royal Horticultural Society and won the Royal Academy miniature award.

Rosie currently lives in Devon where she gives residential and non-residential botanical painting courses.



‘The detail is so exquisite and sumptuous you won’t quite know whether they’re photographs or paintings at first’


‘A sumptuous production that would grace any collection of art books'