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Royal London

Gill Knappett



ISBN: 9781841658308

Price: £6.00

Publication date: 17 January 2019

ISBN: 9781841658698

Price: £3.99

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Publication date: 24 January 2019

Series: English Heritage

Category: History

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Follow in the footsteps of royalty past and present on this journey through England’s capital and beyond to Kew, Hampton Court and Windsor.

London has a charm that draws visitors from home and abroad who are looking to explore what England’s capital city has to offer. The fact that for hundreds of years Britain has had a Royal Family is part of that charm, and the unique history of our monarchy forms the basis of Royal London.

From palaces and parks to pomp and ceremony, from streets with royal connections to statues commemorating past sovereigns and their consorts, much of today’s royal London is readily available to any visitor who wishes to seek it out. But it is fascinating, too, to reflect on how parts of London came about, thanks to those monarchs who have lived, loved, lost and left a royal footprint. 

Sites include: Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace, Kensington Palace, Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, V&A Museum, Green Park, Hyde Park, Greenwich Observatory, Hampton Court, Windsor Castle.


Gill Knappett is a well-established author with 20 years experience working for publishing houses in finance, education and fully illustrated guidebooks across the Pitkin range.

Her Pitkin titles include Catherine Duchess of CambridgeThe Queen and Walk London.