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St Ives Then & Now

St Ives Archive



Price: £14.99

Publication date: 7 April 2014

Category: Regional History

With its award-winning beaches and restaurants, St Ives is today a popular holiday destination. In past times, however, the Downlong Streets were just as busy, bustling with large families filling tiny cottages, spilling out onto the cobbled streets to chat and gossip, play, and mend nets. The town itself has changed little but its economy has transformed; the seine nets, luggers, fishermen, quarries and mines have been replaced by pleasure craft, bathers, crowded beaches and busy streets.

Volunteers at the St Ives Trust Archive have combined forty -five beautiful and carefully selected old images with forty -five modern photos to illustrate the dramatic changes in St Ives. Residents and visitors alike will be fascinated by this new book which will appeal to all who know and love this delightful part of Cornwall.